Living it up

Well it looks like I've been doing a lot of living and not much blogging lately. To be accurate, I've been doing a hell of a lot of translating and not much else. Oh and some laptop updating which means I haven't got everything set up to resize/crop my pics just yet, hence the long silence. Lots of posts lined up though, I just have to get myself organised (read: find a way of fitting more hours into the day).

He're is another little greenery update and a random sofa happening. What do you think? Yay or nay?

I just need to perfect my tucking-in skills.

You're allowed to say nay, I won't be offended. I'm still on the fence myself, but I thought a bit of colour might make the living room feel more summery.

Speaking of colour....

I think the nasturtium are plotting to take over the world. It's crazy out there.

As for baby rescue-plant, here's a close up:

We've gone from 3 leaves to 16 in er...well only a few weeks. It's got some really lovely gold sparkly bits on its leaves, and some blue and some pink tones. Oh, and they're not pictured here but I rescued two more plants! They're getting their own post soon, and I think all this is the perfect excuse to buy some pretty plant pots.

And last but not least, one of my favourite flowers (freesias) from one of my favourite cats (Bob) as a thank you for looking after him for a couple of days 

**cue collective "aaaawww" from all cat-lovers on the interwebs**


Greenery update

Well I survived the annual allergy season without cracking ribs or wheezing my way through any sleepless nights! Last year's scary cough made a short appearance but I chased it away with lots of rest and natural remedies. Yay!

There were a few days of serious pollen storms though, so while I stayed in with the windows shut Boyfriend ventured outside and snapped some pics:

Look at the trees in the distance, can you see all the pollen? I couldn't wait for it to rain to wash it all away so I could go outside again.

In the meantime I was stuck with this view from inside the house.

People always tell us our neighbourhood is really old-fashioned (I think the houses were built about a hundred years ago at the same time as the mill that's down the road) with the washing lines hanging between the houses, the cats, the random bikes... I can't wait for Summer to start properly so we can spend some time on the terrace again! (At the moment we're averaging 2 days of sun followed by 7 days of rain so I've decided it's not worth getting the garden furniture out)

I have started growing some Summer flowers though: Nasturtium, my go-to fail-safe can't-kill favourite! Love in the mist is slowly coming up in a pot on the terrace, and one of our friendly neighbours has given us two Pride of London plants from her parent's garden in Norfolk! So cosmopolitan. Pics coming soon!

And last but not least on the greenery update: this is my latest rescue plant, which I found in Kent. The poor thing had been dumped in a skip along with the contents of what looked like a very dated house in the middle of a renovation. Why the owner would want to dump such a beautiful living plant is beyond me, so I took a cutting, left it in water until it grew roots, and ta-da! Here it is in its new home. I couldn't save all of it, but at least now it can start a new plant life where nobody will throw it away!


A holiday in Haworth

A couple of weeks ago we were feeling l̶a̶z̶y̶ adventurous so we decided to take the day off in the middle of the week and venture out for lunch. Yep, we're crazy freelancers and we love it. To be honest the weather was so good it felt like a waste sitting at home staring at a screen (not such a waste right now as it's bucketing it down...)

I can't really remember why we chose Haworth, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Sadly the 2 or 3 places I'd been looking forward to trying were closed, but that didn't prevent us from stuffing our faces.

Started off with a milkshake, followed by a HUGE plate of nachos, followed by a healthy salad to restore the nutritional balance of my day.

It did get a bit chilly sitting outside on the sun-less terrace so we crept back inside for coffee by the window, where we made a new friend.

He really really really wanted to come inside and kept jumping up on the seats and giving us pleading looks. At one point he got all tangled up in his lead and just as I was about to tell his owners a lady came up from nowhere and sorted him out. Ah, the kind people of Yorkshire!

Boyfriend bought himself a new toy in one of the shops: a kite! I was a bit skeptical at first but now that he's had hours and hours of fun with it over the last few days I can only agree it was a great idea (pics of all the fun coming soon!). We went and looked for a good place to do some kite-flying but had to turn back after a while because I was wearing highly inappropriate platform shoes.

We managed to spot a bit of wildlife on our short walk though!

This is the Brontë family house, which is quite interesting on the inside and worth a visit if you're a fan.

This is the Brontë family cat. Well, judging by it's age it probably could have been.

So that was the first half of our magical day off, stay tuned for some serious kite-flying coming up next!


A pocket full of Rye

Fine, so no points for originality in naming my post, but I was influenced by all the eponymous shops in Rye so let's just say it's a friendly tribute to them.

I had spotted a few pictures of Rye (which is in East Sussex, not Kent, which got me really confused as to what county we'd stayed in the night before) while hunting for a B&B in the area and as we had a few hours before we needed to set off to Warwick I thought we'd have a snoop around.

Although it's obviously pretty touristy, Rye still has a small-town feel about it and there's lots to explore. Unsurprisingly, the antique and vintage shops are over-priced (or maybe I'm just used to t'prices up North nowadays) but still interesting to wander around.

The cafes are cute and serve delicious mochas and yummy-looking pastries.

The pubs offer free wifi and big terraces full of flowers.

Basically, Rye is old and interesting and beautiful. Mermaid street is particularly famous and I can see why.

It's full of really pretty houses and of course I chose this one as my dream house:

Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat...

I really wish we'd had more time to explore the town and the whole area. Maybe on our next trip back from France!


The return of the hairy lantern

If you've been reading this here blog for a while you'll know that I once made a hairy lantern out of strips of paper and hung it in our flat in Paris.

When we moved I gave it to a friend as I anticipated that putting it in a box and transporting it across the channel might lead to some damage. I really missed it though, and since the lampshades in our Yorkshire house are the epitome of boring beige, I decided to get an even bigger paper lantern and bring the hairy monster back to life.

To spice things up a bit I ordered some wallpaper samples and added them to the mix. Unfortunately quite a few of them ended up being too rigid or too floppy (yes, that's the technical term) to be used. In the end I'm quite pleased with the overall effect though, and I hope to recycle the surviving samples into something else.

Basically I used the same technique as before : paper, scissors, tape, and lots and lots of episodes of modern family. This time I measured and traced the triangles onto the paper because I wanted to make sure each one was identical. 

This is what it looked like after about 1 hour:

As the lantern has a spiral frame I papered along that line, using one sheet of wallpaper for each row, making each pattern overlap a little.

This created a spiral of pattern that runs around the lantern twice. 

Some of the wallpaper samples I did use decided to curve inwards after being cut out and hung, which makes for a claw-like effect. Luckily I'm not a perfectionist and I can live with this.

Now I'm tired of explaining so you can just look at the photos.

At first it bothered me that you can see the names of the samples if you peek inside the lantern. Those stickers on the backs of the samples wouldn't come off without tearing the paper. But now? Now I can sleep at night because I'm just glad it's FINISHED.

I do think it brings the room together a bit more (as much as it ever will, considering none of the furniture really goes together) even though it's considerably darker now with the light on. Sounds like an excuse to go out and buy more lamps to me!